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Industrial Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems , 40 KVA 32 KW Ups Power System

Industrial Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems , 40 KVA 32 KW Ups Power System

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    industrial ups battery backup


    industrial ups systems

  • Input Voltage
    380/400 Vac Three-phase±20%
  • Input Frequency
  • Power Factor
  • Current Harmonic Distortion
    <5%with Harmonic Filter
  • Soft Start
    0-100% In10"
  • Protection Degree
  • Compliance
    Safety:EN 62040-1-1(Directive 2006/95/EC); EMC:6200-2(Directive 2004/108/EC)
  • Place of Origin
    Shenzhen, China
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    CE, ISO9001, ISO14001
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Export Standard Package
  • Delivery Time
    15-20 days after receiving the deposit
  • Payment Terms
    T/T, L/C, Western Union
  • Supply Ability
    1000 pieces per year

Industrial Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems , 40 KVA 32 KW Ups Power System

Special Industrial Special Online UPS With PDU Series Feeder



10-160KVA (3Ph in/3Ph out)


10 15 20 30 40 60 80 100 120 160
Capacity(KW) 8 12 16 24 32 48 64 80 96 128
Rated voltage 380/400 Vac three-phase
Voltage range ±20%
Frequency range 50/60HZ±5%
Power factor ≥0.8
Current harmonic distortion <5%with harmonic filter
Soft Start 0-100% in10"
Bypass Input
Rated voltage 400Vac three-phase
Permitted voltage range ±15%(selectable from ±10% to ±25% from front panel)
Rated frequency 50/60Hz
Permitted frequency range ±2%(selectable from ±1% to ±5% from front panel)
Standard features BackFeed protection; split bypass line
Type Maintenance-free lead-acid VRLA AGM / GEL;NICd
Maximum recharge current(A) 0.2 X C10
DC Voltage 384VDC 480VDC
AC ripple voltage <1%
Inverter output
Number of phases 3+N
Rated voltage(V) 280/400/415Vac
Regulation of the output voltage 348~424Vac phase/neutral(from control panel)
Crest factor(Ipeak/Irms) 3:1
Static stability ±1%
Dynamic stability ±5%
Frequency 50/60Hz configurable
Overload 110% 125% 150% of the rated current for 5h/10'/1'
Frequency stability ±0.05% on mains failure;±2%(selectable from ±1% to ±5%)with mains supply present
Weight(KG)N.W 200 220 230 290 340 440 520 770 855 1300



600*800*1900 1200*800*1900



High-reliability Industrial Grade Design:


The CNI330 system is composed of power special-purpose UPS, DBW regulator cabinet, PDU series feeder cabinet. CONSNANT Company apply herself to the development of China’s electricity demands for power plants, substations, power distribution products are designed with online double conversion, zero conversion function. Main applications including electric power long distance, RTU, power carrier wave, power monitoring and so on. When the utility power is normal, single phase 220V(or three phase 380V.) After isolation, rectification and filtering through the inverter to provide a stable power supply to the load; if the input AC power is abnormal or power failure, the backup power system by the DC screen provide power through non-return diode inverter. When the DC screen occurs voltage shortage or power break, the static switch transfer to bypass for power supply; when the electricity is restored, the inverter automatically switches to utility power and provide power supply under inverter mode. If the inverter overload or fault and transfer power supply under bypass mode, also give a warning signal at the same time.




Petroleum, chemical industry, gas and power station and so on.



Control system:


It adopts microprocessor bus control technology, three core processor controlling rectification, inversion and parallel connection respectively, to ensure the real-time control of the rectifier, inverter and static switch and the coordination of every power part, characterized by increased control of aging, higher reliability, enhance of the efficiency of the whole UPS system and the output technical parameters are better than that of the device with same capacity.




6 pulse or 12 pulse fully controlled bridge (6 or 12 SCR) compose rectifier. Its function is to input AC 380V to DC220V or so by rectification. “slope” start (soft start) is the control feature, which means output voltage of the rectifier increase from 0V to 220V within 10 second and has no impact on the power grid.




SPWM(sinusoidal pulse width modulation) , formed by 6 IBGT high power tubes, is composed of full-bridge-control. Its function is to transform DC voltage into sinusoidal AC voltage, boosting by the special (△/Y) zero phase shift zigzag type isolation transformer and become AC220V as load required. In addition, the transformer can eliminate like triple harmonics current that are reflected by non linear load from computer. Control features is the adoption of the “slow-down gate voltage” protection technology, greatly reducing disturbance of shutoff of the inverter (inverter and static switch shift mutually ), enhancing the overload capacity of the whole UPS system, which make the capability of anti-short circuit and anti overload of UPS far superior to the ordinary UPS, especially the anti shot circuit is unmatched by similar devices.



Large Capacity of Overload of the UPS Inverter:


110% load --60'

125% load --10'

150% load --1'

200% single phase load --30"

Good Capacity of Resistance to Output Short Circuit Current Limiting and Period Load Impact



Static switch:


Not sync automatically switch:

  • When the bypass of the UPS lose sync with the inverter, system can automatically implement not sync switch, for example, when the utility power surge pulse width <5ms, the system can ensure no power cutoff.
  • When the bypass exceed the limitation, UPS will detect the bypass every 20ms, when the phase angle difference of bypass and the inverter turn to normal range, not synchronized bypass shifting can be realized.



Optional bypass cabinet:


Isolating transformer and the bypass voltage regulation



Intelligent monitoring:


Working status and data of UPS are transmitted to DCS system in real-time via RS232/RS485, passive contact and power transmitter, which finally realize Intelligent monitoring.




Remote signaling: Volt free contacts
Remote controls:  EPO and Bypass
Communication: RS232 + remote contacts
Operation temperature: 0ºC/ + 40ºC
Relative humidity: <95% non condensing
Protection degree: IP42
Efficiency Smart Mode: up to 98%
Compliance Safety: EN 62040-1-1(Directive 2006/95/EC); EMC:6200-2(Directive 2004/108/EC)



Unique option:


  • SNMP card
  • Dry contact card
  • Signal transmitter
  • Bypass isolation and voltage regulation
  • Increase feeder circuit (standard for 8 loops)
  • 12 pulse rectifier
  • The appearance of special models(standard dimension:800×600×2260mm)




Q: Could you do custom-made products?

A: Yes. show us the picture or link of the goods you are interested in, customized inflatables is available.

Q: Can you print my picture or logo onto the products?

A: Yes, OEM and ODM accepted


Q: What included in the products?

A: It includes UPS unit, user manual, 2% free spares together with shipment for urgent issue. Test certificate(optional)


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