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Small Size Lithium Iron Battery Pack

Small Size Lithium Iron Battery Pack

  • High Light

    lithium iron phosphate cells


    48v 20ah lithium ion battery

  • Temperature Range
  • Discharge Capacity
  • Cycle Life
    ≥1500 Times
  • IP
  • Protection
  • Application
  • Place of Origin
    Shenzhen, China
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    50 unit
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Export Standard Package
  • Delivery Time
    15-30 days against the order quantity
  • Payment Terms
    30% T/T in advance, L/C, Western Union
  • Supply Ability
    1000 pieces per month

Small Size Lithium Iron Battery Pack

Energy storage battery series



Product features:

*It designed with IP65 level of protection, waterproof and dustproof without damaging battery.

*Super long cycle serving life, cycle life attains more than 1500 times, and the discharge capacity is still higher than 80%.

*Under the abuse conditions, using safety, battery interior or external injuries that battery will not burns or explode, has great protection.

*Can quickly electric charge or discharge under large current

*Great performance when high temperature, wide working temperature range (-20~+60V)

*Small size and light weight.

*No memory effect, no matter what condition the battery is in, you can use it with your charge;no need to discharge it firstly.

*Green energy environmental protection,without heavy metal or rare metals,no poisin,no pollute,accord with the Europe ROHS.

*Good replace ability with the same capacity of lead-acid battery pack.

*The size of battery pack is customized against the user`s specification.















Technical Specifications:

Battery Model Nominal Voltage Capacity Electrical Performance Parameter external dimension Output Terminal
Internal Resistance Maximum charge current sustain discharge current Overcurrent Protection Length width height
JYF12-4.5 12.8V 4.5Ah ≤300mΩ 4.5A 8A 15±3A 90 70 101 T1
JYF12-7.5 12.8V 7.5Ah ≤200mΩ 7.5A 15A 40±10A 151 65 99 T1
JYF1212 12.8V 12Ah ≤200mΩ 12A 20A 80±20A 151 98 95 T2
JYF12-18 12.8V 18Ah ≤180mΩ 18A 30A 100±20A 181 77 167 M5
JYF12-20 12.8V 20Ah ≤180mΩ 20A 30A 100±20A 181 77 167 M5
JYF12-24 12.8V 24Ah ≤180mΩ 14A 30A 120±20A 181 77 167 M5
JYF12-30 12.8V 30Ah ≤150mΩ 30A 40A 120±20A 195 130 164 M6
JYF12-40 12.8V 40Ah ≤120mΩ 40A 50A 160±20A 197 165 170 M6
JYF12-50 12.8V 50Ah ≤100mΩ 50A 50A 160±20A 197 165 170 M6
JYF12-60 12.8V 60Ah ≤100mΩ 60A 60A 200±20A 228 138 228 M6
JYF12-70 12.8V 70Ah ≤100mΩ 70A 70A 200±20A 260 168 208 M6
JYF12-80 12.8V 80Ah ≤100mΩ 80A 80A 200±20A 330 173 212 M8
JYF12-90 12.8V 90Ah ≤80mΩ 90A 90A 200±20A 330 173 212 M8
JYF12-100 12.8V 100Ah ≤60mΩ 100A 100A 240±20A 330 173 212 M8
JYF12-200 12.8V 200Ah ≤50mΩ 100A 100A 100±20A 490 230 220 M8
JYF24-50 25.6V 100Ah ≤180mΩ 50A 60A 160±20A 330 173 212 M8
JYF24-100 25.6V 50Ah ≤100mΩ 60A 60A 160±20A 490 230 220 M8





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