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Outdoor UPS

October 12, 2018



Outdoor UPS system is widely used in mountain and suburban areas.


CNW110 series communication marginal network outdoor UPS is special for wireless communication system of outdoor micro cellular base station and design of a high-performance integrated outdoor online uninterrupted power supply system, has the very high technology advancement and practicability.


This UPS is commonly used in the corner of the city, remote roads, mountains, bad environment, such as high temperature (+50 °C) / low temperature (-40 °C), severe dust, moisture,rain, mist erosion, very poor power quality (voltage longterm higher than 260V or less than 160V, frequency abnormal change) in the area.

In response to low temperature climate impact of batteries and UPS, we adopt ajustable heating device to ensure the UPS and battery life of normal use.


1. Wide input voltage, avoids frequent switching to battery power because of large power grid voltage, reduce battery failure probability, adapt to the power environment in poor areas.

2. Input Frequency Range 45 ~ 55Hz, to ensure the fuel generator can access all kinds of stability to meet user requirements for use on the oil machine.



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