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CONSNANT Energy Storage System

June 5, 2019

CONSNANT Energy Storage System



        The cabinet energy storage system consists of high-performance lithium battery, BMS battery management system, photovoltaic charging device, inverter device, and corresponding combination to form a multi- capacity, power, functional

energy storage system.




  1. Modular design and it will be easy installation and maintenance.
  2. High performance and high safety lithium iron phosphate battery has long cycle life, safety, energy saving and environmental protection.
  3. Using intelligent management technology to extend battery life.
  4. According to customer customization, it can be connected to the grid and run off the network, supporting multi machine parallel operation.
  5. Micro grid control functions can be used as a micro grid control center to coordinate and match photovoltaic chargers, inverters and other power generation equipment according to load requirements
  6. With perfect overload protection, over temperature protection, output short circuit protection, input under-voltage protection, input over-voltage protection and other functions, stable performance, high product safety and reliability.
  7. It designed with the LCD display, easy to monitor and management.




Battery cell
Rated capacity 50kw 75kw 100kw
Battery type LiFePO4 battery    
Mdel of cell 3.2V 70A Square aluminum shell
Battery group array 16S16P 16S22P 16S30P
Voltage range of battery group 44V cycles at 80%DOD
BMS Protection Short Circuit Protection,Over Charge Protection,Over Discharge Protection,Reverse Polarity Protection,Cell Over Voltage,Cell Under Voltage and Temperature,Low Voltage Cut Off (automatic Reconnect)
Battery charge temperature 0~50℃
Maximum charge voltage 59±0.5V
Rated charge voltage 584±0.4V
Nominal charge current 200A 300A 380A
Battery working temperature ‘-20℃~60℃
Allowable maximum discharge current 250A 1min 250A 1min 250A 1min
Rated allowable maximum discharge current 200A
Discharge termination voltage 40
Self Discharge Rate Less than 3%per month (nominal temperature)
Type Stand-alone Inverter (Off Grid Inverter)Single phase output transformer
Rated power AC output power continuously 5.0KW/7.5KW/10KW at electrical load type :Unity power factory (pf=1)
Nominal Input Voltage 48VDC
Output voltage 110V-220VAC
Output voltage regulation ±5% at steady state load
Total harmonic distortion(THD) Less than 4% when the electrical load is 0.8 lagging power factor
Maximum surge power 200% of nominal power
Maximum running current 75
Overload ability(10min) 110%
AC input frequency 50Hz/60Hz(automatic tracking)
Output efficiency ≥90%
Wave form Pure sine wave form
Protection Over load,Short Circuit,Over Input Voltage,DC Reverse Polarity,Battery Low Voltage Cut Off(automatic reconnect)
Communication RS232/RS485
Solar Charge Controller
DC start voltage(VDC) 70V 70V 70V
Minimum DC start voltage(VDC) 70V 70V 70V
Maximum DC voltage(VDC) 145V 145V 145V
Max PV input power at STC (stardard Test Condition) 5KW 7.5KW 10KW
Output voltage charger to battery 48VDC 48VDC 48VDC
MPPT charger at STC 2 MPPT 7.68KW 3MPPT14.4KW 4MPPT19.2KW
Charge and Discharge controller as SOC (Stage of Charge)
Overcharge Protection,Reverse Polarity Protection,Anti Reverse Diode Protection
Loading power Backup time 10 hours with loading 5kw Backup time 10hours with loading 7.5kw Backup time 10 hours with loading 10kw




Operational principle:

Energy storage in power system including solar panels,inverter(for AC and DC conversion),and provide backup power for the main electrical backup lines.Household electricity demand different choice of different components.




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