Power rectifier system 48VDC 1000A

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: CONSNANT
Certification: CE,ISO9001/ISO14001
Model Number: CNS007
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Wooden case
Delivery Time: 30 days after receiving 30% deposit
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Supply Ability: 500 pieces per month
Capacity: 1000A Voltage: 48VDC
Application: Fastory、hospital、commercial


The EPS50000 series combination power supply is a new generation of highly reliable and high performance communication power supply system designed by our company with years of development and online operation experience. The system configuration supports 1-20 hot-swappable rectifier modules. The system monitoring module has the functions of battery management and power system monitoring. The configuration of appropriate sensors can realize environmental monitoring, and provide multiple sets of backup monitoring quantities. It can provide RS232 and RS485 communication interfaces for remote monitoring and unattended operation.



2,Main specifications


Max. Output Power Input voltage range Output voltage Output current Rectifier
60KW 90-300Vac 53.5V 1000A RM4850*20 (20 pcs maximum)
System Configuration

Input branch:160A/3P*1,designed with input breaker 25A/1P*20 for modules

Output branch:without

Battery connection:1000A*2

Primary power off:FUSE:160A*6,MCB:63A/1P*4

Secondary power off:FUSE:160A*3,100A*3,MCB:32A/1P*4

Primary power off is controlled by 600A*1 contactor (Normally closed)

Secondary power off is controlled by 400A*1 contactor (Normally closed)



3,Principle introduction

The system power supply is input by the three-phase AC mains through the AC input terminal to supply power to the rectifier module. At the same time, the L, N samples are sent to the monitoring part for AC voltage detection. After the output of the rectifier module is connected, it is divided into three channels, one through one power-off DC contactor output to the secondary load DC input terminal, the other through the secondary power-off contactor output to the main load DC input terminal, and one way through the shunt Output to the battery, DC contactor under the control of the battery to achieve battery over-discharge protection.


4,Environment condition

Environment Parameter





Storage environment Remark
Item Parameter Unit
climatic conditions Temperature Lowest -5 -40 -45 —40℃ can start at full load,+45~+65℃ derating 20% on liner load
Maximum 40 70 70
Humidity Lowest 5 / 5 /
Maximum 95 / 95
Condensation Yes/None None / None
altitude Lowest m 0 0 0 High temperature derating under ambient conditions at 3000~4000m, 1°C for every 200m increase
Highest m 4000 4000 4000
Mechanical stress condition vibration

Sinusoidal vibration:

5~9Hz:amplitude 3.5mm;

9~200Hz:Acceleration 10m/s2;

3 axis, frequency sweep vibration 5 times in each direction

Random vibration:




3 axes, 30min in each direction

/ Only for the subrack, take out the rectifier module and monitoring module during the test
Impact (collision)

Acceleration 250m/s2;

Pulse width 6ms;

500 collisions in 3 axes and 6 directions

Acceleration 400m/s2;

Pulse width 6ms;

500 collisions in 3 axes and 6 directions

Drop / 1m drop height; 1 bottom /
Cooling way forced air cooling Forward wind and back wind

5,Electrical characteristics

1,Input characteristics
No. Item Technical requirement Unit Remark
1.1 Input rated voltage 220V Vac Phase voltage
1.2 Input voltage range 90-300 Vac  
1.3 Input voltage frequency 45-65(typical 50/60) Hz  
1.4 Rated input current 112 A Phase current
1.5 Power factor ≥0.99   220Vac rated load
2,Output characteristics
No. Item Technical requirement Unit Remark
2.1 Output voltage range 43.2—57.6(typical 53.5) Vdc  
2.2 Output maximum power 60 kW  
2.3 Voltage regulation accuracy ≤±1%    
2.4 Output ripple and noise ≤200 mVp-p Rated input voltage and load, bandwidth limit 20MHz
2.5 Current imbalance ≤±5%   50—100% loading range
2.6 Efficiency ≥92%   Loading rate 30%-80%
    ≥86%   110Vac/rated load
2.7 Boot time 3—10 S Rated Input Voltage Start-up to Output Voltage Established to Set Value, Start-up and Output Need to Use Preliminary Current Limiting Function
2.8 Switch overshoot amplitude ≤±5%   When hot plugging any module (the load current should be no more than the total output current of the working module), the system output voltage fluctuates.
2.9 Dynamic Response Overshoot range ≤±5%   25%—50%—25% or 50%—75%—50% loading change
    Recovery time ≤200 µS  
2.10 Temperature coefficient ≤±0.02 %/℃  
2.11 Telephone weighing noise ≤2 mV  
2.12 Broadband Noise Voltage ≤50 mV 3.4~150KHz
    ≤20 mV 0.15~30MHz
2.13 Discrete Noise Voltage ≤5 mV 3.4~150KHz
    ≤3 mV 150~200KHz
    ≤2 mV 200~500KHz
    ≤1 mV 0.5~30MHz
2.14 In-screen voltage drop ≤500mV    
No. Item



Unit Remark
3.1 Input over voltage ≥300 Vac Self-recovery, the return difference is not less than 10Vac
3.2 Input under voltage ≤85 Vac Self-recovery, the return difference is not less than 5Vac
3.3 Output over voltage 59-61 Vdc Deadlock
3.4 Output under voltage Battery down protection Vdc Through monitoring, the battery can be turned off and the protection point can be set up.
3.5 Output Current Limiting Protection Yes    
3.6 Output short circuit protection Yes   Long-term short circuit, automatic recovery
3.7 Over temperature protection Automatic recovery at ambient temperature of 60℃  
3.8 Manual power-off protection of batteries none    
3.9 Battery polarity protection None   Optional function



No. Item Standard Remark
1 Sound noise Not more than 60dB(A)
2 Module Hot Plug-in Rectifier module(PSU)is support hot plug in and out
3 Module Failure Isolation Rectifier module can be reliably separated from the system after failure
4 Odor requirements It does not produce odors or harmful odors.  
5 Component requirements The rated temperature of the selected electrolytic capacitor is not less than 105℃

7,Safety Regulation, Lightning Protection and EMC Characteristics


No. Item Standard Remark
1 Anti-electricity
input—output 3000Vac/30mA/1min For the power distribution subrack only, you need to remove the power module, monitoring module, and lightning protection unit during testing; you can use the equivalent DC voltage for testing. No arcing, no breakdown
input—earth 2500Vac/30mA/1min
output—earth 1000Vac/30mA/1min
2 insulation resistance input—output ≥2MΩ@500Vdc Normal atmospheric pressure, at temperatures ranging from 15 to 35 degrees Celsius and relative humidity less than 90% RH,
input—earth ≥2MΩ@500Vdc
output—earth ≥2MΩ@500Vdc
3 Contact current input—earth ≤3.5mA Test condition:300V/60Hz
4 Grounding resistance <0.1Ω@40A/2min  
5 EMC requirements Conduction interference(CE) CLASSA EN55022
Radiation interference(RE) CLASS A EN55022
Static immunity(ESD)

Where the hand can touch the shell during normal operation: 1,Contact discharge±6KV;Air discharge±8KV Criterion B (power on during testing);

2,Contact discharge±8KV;air discharge±10KV Criterion R (do not power on during the test);

Inner conductor of signal interface: contact discharge ± 2KV criterion R; (power on during test, address line and current sharing line are not tested);

radiated immunity(RS) LEVEL 3 Criterion A IEC61000-4-3
Conduction immunity(CS) LEVEL 3 Criterion A IEC61000-4-6
Fast Transient Pulse Group (EFT) LEVEL 3 Criterion B IEC61000-4-4
SUGER LEVEL 4 Criterion B IEC61000-4-5
Voltage drop(DIP)

Fall to70%UT,continue 100ms,on the 0°,45°,90°,135°,180°,225°,270°,315° phases fall, satisfy criterion B;

Fall to 40%UT,continue 20ms,on the 0°,45°,90°,135°,180°,225°,270°,315°phases fall, satisfy criterion B;

Fall to 0%UT,continue10ms,on the 0°,45°,90°,135°,180°,225°,270°,315° phases fall, satisfy criterion B;

The others conditions satisfy to criterion B

Current harmonic CLASS A IEC61000-3-2
Voltage fluctuations and flicker Pst<1;Plt<0.65.Relative steady-state voltage change dc not more than 3%;maximum relative steady-state voltage not more than 4%;The time when the d(t) value of the voltage change device exceeds 3% is not more than 200mS IEC61000-3-3

Description of performance criteria:

Criterion A-normal performance within the scope of technical requirements;

Criterion B (DIP Test Criterion)-The function is temporarily degraded or lost, and the performance can be restored automatically;

Criterion B (other test criteria except DIP)-some functions can be temporarily degraded or lost, and can be restored automatically, but the output voltage should be kept within the normal range during the test;

Criterion C: Allow automatic reset of short-term functional interruption, not allow long-term functional interruption or require manual reset;

Criterion R: Damage to any device other than the protection device is not allowed, and the test piece can restore performance after replacing the damaged protection device.





This unit has a dangerous energy output and should not be touched while working.

9,Mechanical properties

Unit Parameter Admissible error Remark
Height 2000mm /  
Width 600mm /  
Depth 600mm /  

10,Reliability requirements



Item Unit Value Condition Remark
Rectifier module Ten thousand hours 10 25℃, rated input,full load output, Bellcore Stress method  
system Ten thousand hours 15    

2,life:10 years


11,Packaging, storage and transportation requirements

1. Packaging

The packaging box has the product name, model, manufacturer logo, manufacturer's quality department inspection certificate, manufacturing date, etc.; the packaging box has a list of accessories.


2. Transportation

It is suitable for transportation by car, boat and airplane. During transportation, it should be sheltered, sun-proof, and civilized loading and unloading.


3. Storage

The product should be stored in the packaging box when not in use. The warehouse ambient temperature is -10-40°C and the relative humidity is not more than 80%. No harmful gases, flammable, explosive products and corrosive chemicals are allowed in the warehouse. And without strong mechanical vibration, impact and strong magnetic field, the packing box should be at least 20cm high from the ground and at least 50cm away from the wall, heat source, window or air inlet. The storage period under these conditions is generally 2 years, more than 2 The inspection should be repeated after the year.

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