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230VAC lithium battery Suspended outdoor UPS Solar System with alarm function

230VAC lithium battery Suspended outdoor UPS Solar System with alarm function

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    230VAC Suspended UPS Solar System


    WiFi GPRS UPS Solar System


    60A Lithium Outdoor UPS Cabinet

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    CNW4850L 3-5KVA
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    Uspended UPS Solar System
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    Shenzhen, China
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    CE, ISO9001, ISO14001
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    Export Standard Package
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    30days after receiving the deposit
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    500 Piece per month

230VAC lithium battery Suspended outdoor UPS Solar System with alarm function

Integrated outdoor solar power system 3KW/5KW 2.56KWH
■ The whole system integration includes an off-grid solar inverter module, lithium iron phosphate
battery pack, PDU, and outdoor cabinet.
■ The system is commonly used in the corner of the city, remote roads, mountains, bad environments,
dust, moisture, rain, mist-erosion, very poor power qual ity in the area.
■ The system provides a continuous pure sine wave AC power supply for outside communications/network
Key Feature:
■ It adopts full-digital double closed-loop control, combined with advanced SPWM technology to output
pure sine waves.
■ Two output modes: mains electricity bypass and inverter output; uninterrupted power supply.
■ Four charging modes: PV Only, Mains Electricity Priority, PV Priority, and PV&Mains Electricity hybrid

■ Advanced MPPT technology with 99.9% efficiency.
■ Comes with an LCD display and 3 LED indicators that can clearly indicate the status and data.
■ Power saving mode, reduce no-load loss.
■ Intelligent variable-speed fan to efficiently dissipate heat and extend system l ifespan.
■ It comes with double lithium battery activation modes: mains and PV, and supports lithium battery

■ All-round protection for solar panels includes overload and short circuit protection, under-voltage and

over-voltage protection, and reverse polarity protection.
■ With sun protection, heat insulation, roof venti lation.
■ With waterproof and the filtration dust inlet.
■ The cabinet body is designed for the IP55 protection level. The cabinet front door shutters with

waterproof design, on the back of welding outdoor cabinet.
■ Modular design is easy to maintain.
■ System configuration AC and DC lightning protection.

Specification Reference:

Model CNW4850L-3KW CNW4850L-3KWL CNW4850L-5KW
Output voltage waveform Pure sine wave
Rated output power(W) 3000 3000 5000
Rated output voltage(Vac) 230 120 230
Power factor 1
Output frequency range 50Hz ± 0.3Hz / 60Hz ± 0.3Hz
Bypass circuit breaker 63A
Rated battery input voltage 48V(minimum starting voltage 44V)
Battery voltage range 48VDC
Operating temperature range -15°C to 55°C
Storage temperature range -25°C ~ 60°C
Communication interface USB/RS485(WiFi/GPRS)/Dry Node Control
Dimension(L*W*D) 482*425*133mm
Weight(kg) 13.3
AC Charge
Battery type Lithium Battery
Maximum charge current 0-60A 0-40A 0-60A
Charge voltage range 40-58Vdc 40-60Vdc 40-58Vdc
Overcharge protection Alarm and turn off charging in 1 minute
DC Charge
Maximum PV open circuit voltage 145VDC
PV operating voltage range 60-145VDC
MPPT voltage range 60-115VDC
Battery voltage range 40-60VDC
Maximum output power 4200W
PV charge current range(settable) 0-80A
Lithium Battery Pack
Rated Capacity 50Ah Nominal Voltage 48VDC/51.2VDC
Cell Resistance 1Khz ≤0.8mΩ Charge Voltage 3.65V
Working environment temperature Charge:0°~C55°C
Elevation Less than 2000m
Cycle life 2500cycles≥80%, 25±2℃, 1C/1C, 80% DOD

Environment Superiority:
■ Wide input voltage, avoids frequent switching to battery power because of large power grid voltage,
reduce battery failure probabi l ity, adapt to the power environment in poor areas.
■ The environment which require higher IP level, we use heat exchanger to effectively reduce the

temperature of box inside and improve IP protection level .


230VAC lithium battery Suspended outdoor UPS Solar System with alarm function 0230VAC lithium battery Suspended outdoor UPS Solar System with alarm function 1
■ Long-term storage of the battery needs to be placed in a dry, clean, dark, and well-ventilated indoor
environment. The suitable storage temperature range is -20~35℃.
■ Batteries must be stored and transported in a state close to 50% SOC.
■ For long-term storage, the electricity needs to be cycled every 6 months.
■ When loading and unloading the battery during transportation, please be careful not to drop it,
do not stack it over 4 layers, or place it upside down, and ensure that the front is facing up.