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AC / DC Integrated Rack Mountable Power Supply , 48 Volt Power Supply Rack Mount

AC / DC Integrated Rack Mountable Power Supply , 48 Volt Power Supply Rack Mount

  • High Light

    rack mounted ups battery backup


    server rack battery backup

  • AC Input Voltage
    176-250 Vac
  • Battery Bank Voltage
    48 Vdc
  • Battery Voltage Range
    43-56 Vdc
  • Heat-dissipating Method
    Built-in Fan
  • AC Input Current
  • Input Frequency Range
    50±5% Hz
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    ISO CE
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Export standard carton box
  • Delivery Time
    15-21 days against 30% deposit
  • Supply Ability
    1000 pieces each month

AC / DC Integrated Rack Mountable Power Supply , 48 Volt Power Supply Rack Mount

AC / DC Integrated Rack Mount Power Supply With Cutting - edge Digital Technology



The intelligent integrated AC and DC modular power supply supports both AC and DC output and is provided with AC and AC isolation. Based on cutting-edge digital technologies, this new generation of intelligent environmental-friendly power supply system integrates DC current limiting, peak surge absorption, thorough automatic protection, unattended operation and smart remote monitoring, and meets the integrated AC and DC power supply requirements of distributed communication base station system.




The house system of all operators , like super market, basement,meeting room,dancing hall, and huge building and other place including closed sites,micro base station, RPT(Repeater); BBU, RRU; integrated access to ONU that adopts AC or DC power equipment.



Products Features


  1. Double output, effectively solve different kind of power problem of telecom loading, which is convenient to use power.
  2. Wide AC input range avoids frequently changing to battery to supply power, which can extend the service life, reducing the cost.
  3. Built-in or separated lithium iron battery, portable designing,small size, mainframe 1U output 220VAC 2KVA and 48V 30A, light weight.
  4. Stable and reliable output function, branch output can be configured flexibly. AC output: 1KVA-3KVA pure sine wave ; DC output: 6-60A/ 48V, with the current-limiting and power off protection function
  5. High efficiency, energy saving. The efficiency of the power module can reach 90% under the Battery Mode, and 95% under the Electric supply.
  6. Perfect protection function, including output over voltage protection and under voltage protection; output overload and short circuit protection; inverter over temperature protection; battery under voltage warning and protection.; battery over charge protection; anti- surging and lighting strike protection, which tremendously verify the stability and reliability of telecom operation system.
  7. DC cold start function. The UPS can be used in the absence of the city power with DC cold start function, meeting the user's emergency need better. Battery pack can be configured with lead-acid batteries or iron lithium batteries;
  8. Battery power protection. The battery protection can be set in accordance with the requirement of the user when it rolled off the factory floor.
  9. Unattended function. When the electricity for a long time failure leaving the system to automatic protection due to battery under voltage, the UPS can automatically boot and charge the battery after the electricity back to normal, effectively protecting the battery and extend battery life. Battery pack can be configured lead-acid batteries or iron lithium battery;
  10. Intelligent communication interface. Through the monitoring software, standard RS232 communication interface can directly remote debug and monitor the operation of the power system, simplifying the network management, and improve system reliability;
  11. Dry contact communication interface, including mains power, low battery, the system alarm interface.
  12. The AC-DC integrated UPS can be used in variety of scenarios. Indoor distribution , It also support using in the installed outdoor floor cabinet , as well as using as a remote far-end equipment 48V output inverter to some AC equipment, such as outdoor cabinet air conditioning power supply The
  13. With the competitive price and reliable quality, the item can be rest assured that the promotion has been used more than 10,000 units.
  14. The operator has a collection of iron and lithium batteries can be used in separate areas, on-site connection. No collection of iron and lithium batteries in the region can be integrated machine, Division I to provide host and iron lithium battery integration machine.

Block diagram:

AC / DC Integrated Rack Mountable Power Supply , 48 Volt Power Supply Rack Mount 0


AC / DC Integrated Rack Mountable Power Supply , 48 Volt Power Supply Rack Mount 1