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Residential off grid energy storage system

August 28, 2019
Stand-Alone Energy Storage system (ESS)





  • All in one design, integrated NCM Battery;
  • Off-grid work mode with grid charge;
  • Easy installation and maintenance, can meet the demand of different clients DIY,
    APP for ISO/Android.
  • Off-Grid Functions;
  • Can match the PV, grid, battery and load energy ;
  • Island Function, Battery Capacity Expandable.
  • Multi protection and warning system, safe and reliable;
  • Comply with CE;
  • Extensively tested Lithium Batteries.




Model No. Mini Plus
Battery Data    
Total Energy 3KWh 5Kwh
Usable Energy 2.7KWh 4.5KWh
Capacity 62.5Ah 97.5Ah
Nominal Voltage 48.1V 51.8V
Voltage Range 35-54.6V 42-58.8V
Max Power 2.7KW 4.5KW
Peak.Powr(for 5 sec) 3KW 5KW
Battery Type Li-ion
AC Ouput
Rated Power 2400W/3000VA 4000W/5000VA
Overload Capacity 120%(5s)
Output Voltage 230Vac±2%
Output Current 10.5A 17.4A
Rated Frequency 50/60Hz
VTHD 5% 3%
Output Wave Pure Sine Wave
Output type Multi-purpose Socket x 2 Multi-purpose Socket x 3
AC Input
AC Input Voltage Range 170-280Vac
AC Input Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Max.AC Charge Current(Battery) 15A 60A
PV Input
Max.PV Power (Recommeded) 3000W 3000W
Max.PV Voltage 145V
MPPT Range 60V-115V
Max.PV Charge Current(Battery) 60A 60A
Operation Conditions
Operating Temperature 0-55℃
Storage Temperature -15℃-60℃
Humidity 5%-95%
Cooling Fan
Weight[kg] 38 48
Dimension[WxHxD.mm] 600*500*230 600*600*230
Enclosure Protection Rating IP31
Communication RS485/CAN2.0B
Certificates Cell TUV
Product CE/RCM/TUV(IEC 62619)
Warranty 3years



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