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CONSNANT residential energy storage system

August 27, 2019

Single-phase Energy Storage System (ESS)





  • All in one design, integrated LFP Battery;
  • Hybrid work mode
  • Easy installation and maintenance, can meet the demand of different clients DIY,
  • APP for ISO/Android.
  • On/Off-Grid Functions;
  • Back-up/Bypass Functions;
  • Island Function, Battery Capacity Expandable.
  • Multi protection and warning system, safe and reliable;
  • Comply with TUV,SAA,CE;
  • Extensively tested Lithium Batteries.





Model No. Unit Unit R
PV Data (For DC Coupled)
Max. PV Input Power 3KW /
Max. PV Vpltage 550VDC /
MPPT Voltage Range 150VDC-500VDC /
No. of MPPT Trackers/Max.Input Current 1/1*20A /
On Grid Inverter Side Data (For AC Coupled)
Rated Voltage / 220V-240Vac
Rated Frequency / 50/60Hz
Rated Input Current / 14.3A
Rated Input Power / 3.3KW
AC Data
Rated Power 3kva
Continuous Ouput Power Back-up(MAX) 3kva(3.3kva)
Bypass(MAX) 3kva(9kva)
Overload Capacity (Off-Grid Mode)   3.3KW(normal running),4.5KW(5s),6KW(100ms)
Rated AC Voltage(Input/Ouput)   220V-240Vac/220V-240Vac
Rated Frequency 50/60Hz
Grid Input Max Current 42.9A
Max Power 9KVA
Grid Output Max Current 22A
Max Power 4.6KW
THD Inverter Voltage 2%
On-Grid Current 3%%
AC Input Voltage Range 180-270Vac
Max.Efficiency 94.30%
Output Wave Pure Sine Wave
Battery Data
Battery Voltage Rated 48Vdc
Range 44.5-54Vdc
Charging Voltage 44.5-54Vdc
Battery Type LiFePO4(standard)/Others (optional)
Battery Capacity 100AH
Max.Discharging Power 3200W
Max.Charging Current(capacity related) 5-50A(can be configured)
Charging Method 3 Steps charging



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