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6.5h Energy Storage System Portable Outdoor CPET-MP 200W 222wh QC3.0

6.5h Energy Storage System Portable Outdoor CPET-MP 200W 222wh QC3.0

  • High Light

    6.5h Energy Storage System


    222wh Energy Storage System


    QC3.0 Emergency Power Supply System

  • Charging Mode
    Adapt Charging/ Solar Charging
  • Remained Energy Rate
    Remained Energy Rated From 0% To 100%, The Cycle Ring Changes With SOC.
  • Weight
  • Battery Energy
    18-25V 5A 6.5h (Charging Time Varies With The Intensity Of The Sun)
  • Battery Type
    Lithium Ion Battery
  • E7 Voltage Low
    Battery Voltage Is Too Low, Stop Discharging And Allow Charging
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
    CPET-MP 200W
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 Unit
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Wooden case
  • Delivery Time
    20 days after receiving 30% deposit
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, T/T, Western Union
  • Supply Ability
    500 pieces per month

6.5h Energy Storage System Portable Outdoor CPET-MP 200W 222wh QC3.0

Portable Outdoor Emergency Power Supply

USB output
Long press USB Key One Seconds, on USB Output function, the blue backlight of the key lights up, and the corresponding area of the display screen displays“ USB-A USB-C ”Icon, indicating USB-A Common port and quick filling port USB-Type C Quick charge port output. Long press One Seconds off USB Output function, long press Three Seconds to turn off all output functions.
DC output
Long press the DC button for 1 second to turn on the DC output function. The blue backlight of the button lights up. The corresponding area of the display screen displays the "DC CIG" icon, indicating the output of cigarette lighter port. Long press for 1 second to turn off DC output function, and long press for 3 seconds to turn off all output functions.
Car charging
When the vehicle is started, connecting wire is used to connect the vehicle lighter and the input port. The display lights up and flashes "CHG ->" to indicate charging, and the input shows charging power, indicating that the ring color block of electric quantity flashes, input voltage between 12V to15V.
Solar charging
Insert the output terminal of the solar energy into the input port of the device, and the display flashes "CHG- >" to indicate charging, while the input displays the charging power, indicating that the ring color block of the power is flashing. It is suitable for solar photovoltaic panels with output voltage in the range of 18V-25V, and supports 120W charging at most. MPPT maximum power tracking technology is adopted to charge the solar photovoltaic panels with maximum output capacity in case of power fluctuation. The output power of solar energy is greatly affected by light, and the fluctuation of output power is a normal phenomenon.


Rated power 200W
Rated capacity 222wh
Standard capacity 3.7V260000mAh
Overload protection 230±20W
AC output 240V±10%/50HZ
Output waveform Sine Wave
USB output QC3.0/18W
Type-C output QC3.0/18W
Cigarret lighter output 12V/10A
DC 5521 output 12V/5A
Wireless charging 5W
Charging input Voltage 12-24V
Working temperature -10-40℃
Weight(Net weight) ≈3.1kg
Weight(with accessories) ≈4.1kg
Dimension 205*155*165mm


Stop working during product use
Check whether the power supply is too low, check the power of the display screen and confirm the alarm code. If the power is too low, please charge in time.
Check whether the power supply has overload, high temperature, low temperature, short circuit and other abnormal conditions. Check the alarm code of the display screen. If there are corresponding abnormal conditions, please deal with them according to different alarms in the alarm table.
After-sales service
During the use of the product, the normal operation according to the user's manual can not eliminate the fault. Please contact the dealer in time and give clear feedback to the after-sales  personnel: product model, purchase date, contact number and fault phenomenon.
Product warranty period 1 year  
The shelf life is calculated from the date of purchase by consumers. In order to determine the purchase date, consumers are requested to keep the purchase related bills and online purchase records.
During the warranty period, the company shall undertake the obligation of free maintenance and parts replacement for defects caused by product process or materials and damage caused by non-human factors.
The following are not covered by the warranty.
• Dismantle and repair without permission of non-staff
• Product performance failure due to human factors
• Damage caused by natural disasters, lightning, accidents and other irresistible factors
• Appearance damage after use is not covered by warranty
6.5h Energy Storage System Portable Outdoor CPET-MP 200W 222wh QC3.0 0