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EEG 7.5KWh Residential Battery Backup System LFP 220VAC

EEG 7.5KWh Residential Battery Backup System LFP 220VAC

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    EEG Residential Battery Backup System


    7.5KWh Residential Battery Backup System


    LFP Battery Power Storage Systems

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    Home Energy Storage System
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    2 Unit
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    Export Standard Package
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    Two weeks
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    T/T, L/C
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    200 set per month

EEG 7.5KWh Residential Battery Backup System LFP 220VAC

Module Capacity 7.5KWh Home Use Energy Storage System Smaller Size Better


Description :


This energy storage system can provide power to connected loads by utilizing PV power,
utility power and battery power and store surplus energy generated from PV solar
modules for use when needed. When the sun has set, energy demand is high, or there is
a black-out, you can use the energy stored in this system to meet your energy needs at
no extra cost. In addition, this energy storage system helps you pursue the goal of
energy self-consumption and ultimately energy-independence.
Depending on different power situations, this energy storage system is designed to
generate continuous power from PV solar modules (solar panels), battery, and the utility.
When MPP input voltage of PV modules is within acceptable range (see specification for
the details), this energy storage system is able to generate power to feed the grid (utility)
and charge. This energy storage system is only compatible with PV module types of
single crystalline and poly crystalline. Do not connect any PV array types other than
these two types of PV modules to the energy storage system. Do not connect the
positive or negative terminal of the solar panel to the ground. See Figure 1 for a simple
diagram of a typical energy storage system.
Note: To conform to the EEG standard, every energy storage system sold to German area is not allowed to charge from Utility.
The relevant function is automatically disabled via the software.
AC input and output                                                                                                                                             DC input                                      
Norminal AC input powe                               5000W                                                                                            Max.PV input power                         6500W

Norminal AC output power                           5000W                                                                                             Max.PV input voltage                       370V

Max. AC output Apparent power                   6000VA                                                                                             Startup voltage                                150V

Max. AC output current                                        /                                                                                                     MPPT voltage range                       100-500V

Norminal output voltage                                220VAC                                                                                             No. of MPPT                                      2
Battery input and output                                                                                                                     Battery Box                                     


Battery voltage range                                 42-57V                                                                                                Number of battery modules           2

Nominal battery voltage                             51.2V                                                                                                Storage capacity                               15KWH   

Max.charging current                                 80A                                                                                                        Nominal voltage                                 51.2V
Max.discharging current                           150A                                                                                                      Battery voltage range                         42-57V



The Home Ess electrical inter face provides a simple connection to any home or bulding.It is revolutionary compact

design achieves market-leading energy density and is easy to install.enabling owners to quickly realize the benefits
of reliable,clean power.