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48V Input Solar Power Inverter Low Energy Consumption Full - Bridge Type

48V Input Solar Power Inverter Low Energy Consumption Full - Bridge Type

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    gridgrid hybrid solar power inverter


    solar panel dc to ac inverter

  • Rated Power (W)
  • PV Recommend Power
  • Communication
  • Circuit Topologies
    Full-Bridge Type
  • Max.Charging Current
  • Input Voltage
  • Place of Origin
    Shenzhen, China
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    ICE, ISO
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    20 pieces
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Export Standard Package
  • Delivery Time
    5-8 days for sample order, 15-21 days for large quantity
  • Payment Terms
    T/T, L/C, Western Union
  • Supply Ability
    1000 pieces per month

48V Input Solar Power Inverter Low Energy Consumption Full - Bridge Type


8KW Pure Sine Wave Solar Power Inverter With Low Energy Consumption Features



Product snapshot:


Rated Power (W): 1-8KW

Peak Power (W):3-24KW

System Volt.: 12/24/48V

Output Frequency:50/60Hz±1%

System Efficiency:>85%






  • Integrated design with MPPT controller, inverter and UPS function
  • Low self-consumption, energy conservation
  • Pure sine wave output
  • Adopt the isolated transformer, safe and stable
  • Mains/diesel generator input interface(optional)
  • Excellent overload capacity
  • Intelligent battery management functions
  • Comprehensive protections
  • LCD display+LED status indicator
  • RS232 Communication(optional)



Q1: What's included in products?
A: It is included inverter unit, neccessary document, install accessoies, like cable


Q2. Your inverter meet CE requirements?
A:Our UPS is with the certificate of CE, ISO and Chinese TLC certificates.

Q3: Can we change the shape, size, color or printing based on the original design?
A: Yes, and OEM, ODM accepted


Q4:. Can you design one specially?
A: Yes



Technical Specifications:


Model NO. Inverter CNSB1000 CNSB-2000 CNSB-3000 CNSB-4000 CNSB-5000 CNSB-6000 CNSB-8000
Rated Power (W) 1000W 2000W 3000W 4000W 5000W 6000W 8000W
Peak Power (W) 3000W 6000W 9000W 12000W 15000W 18000W 24000W
System Volt. 12V/24V 24V/48V 24V/48V 48V 48V 48V 48V/96V
Inverter Output Volt. 110V / 120V/220V/230V/240VAC±5% 220V/230V/240VAC±5%
Output Frequency 50/60Hz±1%
Efficiency >85%
Overload Capacity 105-120% 30min; 120-130% 5min; 140-150% 1min; >150% <20S; Short Circuit 10ms
Output Wave Pure Sine Wave
Solar Charge Controller
Charge Type MPPT
PV Recommend Power 900/1800W 1800/3600W 1800/3600W 4800W 4800W 4800W 4800W/6000V
PV Input Volt. Range 18~90V(12V)/35~90V(24V)/65-150V(48V) 150V(48V)/150-250V(96V)
Input Rate Volt. 40V/102V/180V(24V/48V/96V)
Max. Output Current 60A 60A/30A 60A/30A 80A 80A 80A 80A/50A
Floating Charging Volt. 13.4V/26.8V 26.8V/53.5V 26.8V/53.5V 53.5 53.5 53.5 53.5/107
Equalization Charging Volt. 14.4/28.8 28.8V/57.6V 28.8V/57.6V 57.6 57.6 57.6 57.6/115.2
AC Battery Charger
AC Input Volt. 85-135V(110V)/90-145V(120V)/165-265V(220V)/172-278V(230V)/180-290V(240V)
Input Frequency 50/60HZ ± 3%
AC Charge Current 12V Max:20A; 24V Max: 10A 24V Max : 20A; 48V Max: 10A 24V Max : 30A; 48V Max: 15A Max : 20A; Max : 20A; Max : 30A; 48V Max : 40A; 96V Max : 20A
AC By-pass
Transfer Time <8ms
AC Input Wave Form AC or Generator (Sine Wave)
Display LED + LCD
Display Content PV Status; Battery Capacity; AC Input & Output Volt.; Load; Running Status
Cooling Method Fan Cooling
Communication RS232/RJ45(Optional)
Noise Emission [dB (A)] <60 (1m)
Operating Temp.Range -20~+50°C
Storage Temp.Range -15~+70°C
Operation Humidity 0~90%RH Non-condensing
Dimension (mm) 567*400*228 585*425*265 875*576*540
Weight (KG) 15 25 30 35 48 65 78


48V Input Solar Power Inverter Low Energy Consumption Full - Bridge Type 0