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High Reliability Online Double Conversion Ups , Computer Uninterruptible Power System

High Reliability Online Double Conversion Ups , Computer Uninterruptible Power System

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    uninterruptible power supply unit


    computer ups power supply

  • Output Voltage
  • Output Frequency
  • Output Power Factor
  • Harmonic Distortion
    Linear Load<3% Non-linear<6%
  • Overload Capacity
    105% < Load ≤125% For 60s;125% < Load ≤150% For 30s;load >150% For 0.5s
  • Current Crest Ratio
  • Transfer Time
    0 Ms(AC Mode↔DC Mode);(AC Mode↔Bypass<4ms)
  • Place of Origin
    Shenzhen, China
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    CE, ISO, ISO4001
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Export Standard Package
  • Delivery Time
    21 days against deposit
  • Payment Terms
    T/T, L/C, Western Union
  • Supply Ability
    50000 pieces per year

High Reliability Online Double Conversion Ups , Computer Uninterruptible Power System

Double Conversion High Frequency Online UPS With EPO PFC And Compact Design
Network, micro data center, PC
Key Features:

  1.   Its cut-edge digital technology of DSP (Digital Signal Processor), can greatly improve the products performance. and system reliability, and deliver a compact integration with higher power density;
  2.   Output power factor up to 0.8 - applicable to the tendency of future load evolution, and deliver higher payload capacity;
  3.   Total power factor up to 90% can minimize the power loss of UPS and save utilization cost for user;
  4.   Emergency Power Off (EPO): UPS can be instantly shut off in case of any emergency;
  5.   Compliance with EMC requirements of IEC61000-4,provide your device a clean electric environment.
  6.   Active power factor correction (PFC) technology, allows the input power factor approaching to 1, dramatically reducing the immunity on utility grid;
  7.  Excellent input frequency range makes UPS suitable to different power supply devices, i.e. generator set;
  8.  Parallel Kit: realize the parallel extension and redundancy function, offer more flexibility and safety for user's power supply planning;
  9.   Compact Design, Lower Noise;

Product brief introduction:
CNH310 10-20KVA adopts the double conversion online architecture ideal for resolving all issues on power supply. This state-of-the-art solution is especially designed for eliminating the power loss, extra high or low voltage of utility power, voltage sags or damped oscillation, high-voltage pulse, voltage fluctuation, surge voltage, harmonic distortion, clutter immunity, and frequency fluctuation etc., delivery safely and reliable power supply to guarantee for user's load.
Rich Communication and Monitoring:
Provide RS232,USB interface and communication cable for local or remote power supply management;
User-friendly interface:
LCD display accurate UPS working environment, through the LCD display panel UPS can be set output voltage and frequency,  ECO mode.
Intelligent battery management:

  1.   With advanced intelligent charge control mode, UPS can automatically select the optimal charge mode as per the battery type and conditions, thus further maximizing the lifespan of battery bank.In additional, the system can periodically conduct the charge & discharge management for the battery bank. User also can select the battery voltage (192V or 240V) on demands.
  2.   The user can query and set the proper UPS control parameters for intelligent UPS management; automatically identify and adapt to 50/60Hz power supply system, fulfilling the requirements in various power supply systems;
  3.   Perfect failure protection and alarm function: provide complete failure protection and clear alarm notification function in case of I/O over-voltage or under-voltage, battery overcharge or under-voltage, overload, and short circuit.

Intelligent Power monitoring and Management Software WinPower 2003 :

  •  Microsoft Windows95/Me/NT/2000/XP/Unux operating system. Suit for TCP/IP local area network;
  •  TCP/IP network monitoring 
  •  Support timing boot up / shut off UPS function;
  •  Timing UPS self-test function;
  •  Graphically displayed UPS status function in real time;
  •  Network to deactivate the function of multiple servers and workstations;
  •  Abnormal power;
  •  Shut off most of the applications and the preservation of related document;
  •  Online help function; with data records(including mains, UPS, load, battery), and event function, to convenient for the routine maintenance.

Technical specifications:

ModelCNH310 10-20KVA
10K 10KS15KS20KS
Nominal Voltage380/400/415VAC 3phase 4wire+G
Voltage Range208~476VAC
Frequency Range50HZ: (46~54HZ); 60HZ:(56HZ~64HZ)
Power Factor> 0.980.99
Voltage Precision208/220/230/240X(1±2%)VAC
Frequency Precision50/60Hz±0.05Hz
Power Factor0.8/0.9(Optional)
Harmonic DistortionLinear load<3% Non-linear<6%
Overload Capacity105% < load ≤125% for 60s;125% < load ≤150% for 30s;load >150% for 0.5s.
Current Crest Ratio3:1
Transfer Time0 ms(AC mode↔DC mode);(AC mode↔Bypass<4ms)
DC Voltage192VDC or 240VDC(Optional)
Charging Current2A4A
Panel Display
LCDUPS status, input/output voltage and frequency, battery voltage, capacity, load temperature, history records, adjust voltage, ECO mode
Communication portRS232, SNMP Card(Optional),USB port(Optional),AS400(Optional)
Working Environment
Relative Humidity0~95%(Non-condensing)
Storage Temperature-25ºC~55ºC
Elevation1500 m
Noise Level<55dB
Dimension: (W*D*H mm)248*500*672248*500*616

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